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Sauna +Heating System

( Power/ design according to customer requirement )


( Power/ design according to customer requirement )

Features and Facts

  • Comfortably seats 10 – 12 adults.
  • Made using highgrade cedar
  • Self closing door.
  • Solid oak hinges.
  • Clean grain cedar benches.
  • Weather sealed exterior finish, made for outdoor / indoor use.
  • Individually crafted allowing greater attention to detail.
  • Low operating cost as saunas are only heated while in use
  • Choice of wood Sauna Heating / Steam Heating and Infrared Heating.

Benefits of Sauna

  • Weather proof exterior, needing no additional roof.
  • Sloped floor on inside makes cleaning easy (water flows to drain)
  • Barrel shape is more efficient to heat.
  • No construction mess.
  • Does not require a permanent foundation.
  • Quality assembly guaranteed.
  • Beautiful look and feel of wood.
  • Mobile Sauna Barrel easily assembled at indoor & Outdoor premises.

Included in price.

  • Sauna & Steam Heating Unit & Elements, Spares with warranty.
  • Completely assembled sauna.
  • Knowledgeable, helpful service.